Coach Ancelotti Criticizes RFEF President’s Post-World Cup Kiss

Real Madrid Coach Criticizes RFEF President for Controversial World Cup Kiss Incident

Coach Ancelotti Criticizes RFEF President's Post-World Cup Kiss
Ancelotti Joins Criticism of RFEF President’s Kiss After World Cup Win

In a startling turn of events, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has come forward to openly criticize Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), for his controversial gesture of kissing female player Jenni Hermoso on the lips following Spain’s victory in the World Cup. The incident has ignited a storm of outrage, prompting discussions about appropriate behavior and respect within the football community.

The incident occurred during the gold medal ceremony in Sydney, where Spain clinched victory against England in the World Cup final. Rubiales, the head of the RFEF, kissed midfielder Jenni Hermoso, sparking immediate backlash for what was perceived as an inappropriate and unprofessional action by a federation president.

In response to the incident, Hermoso joined forces with her players’ union, Futpro, to issue a joint statement condemning the president’s behavior. The statement called for decisive action against Rubiales, prompting the RFEF to convene an emergency meeting scheduled for Friday to address the issue. The federation has also initiated a comprehensive investigation into the incident, acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

During a press conference, Ancelotti expressed his disapproval of Rubiales’ actions, stating, “It’s a very delicate topic, like most people, it was behavior that I obviously did not like. It was not the behavior of a president of the federation.” While Ancelotti refrained from further elaboration, he did comment on the potential consequences for Rubiales, saying, “I don’t know if he should resign or not, I think he will take the most adequate decision.”

Echoing Ancelotti’s sentiments, Rafa Benitez, the manager of Celta Vigo, Real Madrid’s upcoming La Liga opponent, weighed in on the matter. Benitez emphasized that the focus should remain on the success of the national team, but he also emphasized the importance of addressing inappropriate behavior and allowing competent authorities to make decisions in such cases.

Despite Rubiales’ initial defensive stance, he eventually issued an apology for his actions. However, the apology did not quell the ongoing criticism and calls for accountability. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez weighed in, deeming Rubiales’ apology as “not enough,” indicating a high level of societal scrutiny over the issue.

The incident has also provoked reactions from various segments of the football community, with Spain’s women’s football league, Liga F, demanding Rubiales’ removal from his position. The league’s stance underscores the significance of addressing such matters at an institutional level to ensure the protection and dignity of women footballers.

As the RFEF’s emergency meeting approaches, the football world watches closely, awaiting the outcome of the investigation and any ensuing actions that will shape the perception of respect, equality, and appropriate conduct within the realm of sports.

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