How to make money on SoundCloud – Full Guide

How to make money on SoundCloud - Full GuideYou can make decent money from SoundCloud. The amount you will earn depends on your subscription to SoundCloud and the reaction of others from the songs that are uploaded on your profile. If SoundCloud earns money, you can also earn. Again, if your profile earns a good amount, a portion of such goes to the SoundCloud platform. 

For each stream, you can expect around $0.0025 to $0.004.  There are lakhs of musicians who crave to promote their music globally. There are barely any musicians out there who do not want their name to spread worldwide. Once the musicians upload their music on SoundCloud after taking a certain subscription plan, they can easily earn money after some time. 

For the last 14 years, SoundCloud has extended its outreach globally. If you are also a music lover and want to earn from SoundCloud, you can refer to this article to get a brief idea about the same.  If you are curious to know how you can increase SoundCloud engagement to your profile, you can walk through this article for the same.

How to monetize your tracks?

Only good, and efficient musicians can earn money from SoundCloud. You need a minimum of 5000 tracks on your SoundCloud account to be played in your specified countries to get qualified on this platform. 

The more Soundcloud plays your track in countries like Australia, different parts of the United States, different territories of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and different territories of France, you have a good chance of getting qualified. 

Once your songs are praised by the listeners of these countries, you can monetize your tracks. After such a time your song is played by any other listener, you can earn money from therein. You can either monetize a single track or multiple tracks at the same time. 

You just need to visit your track page and select the desired tracks you want to monetize and enable the monetization option after which your tracks will start earning money for you. Don’t forget to save your changes otherwise, it will not work further.


How to make money on Soundcloud?

  • As mentioned earlier, monetization is the only way to earn money on SoundCloud. It is just like any other monetary platform such as YouTube wherein you can upload your tracks and with the number of visitors your earnings will also vary. While playing the track one generally cannot avoid the advertisements that are played in between. As many advertisements are played your per-unit earnings also increase automatically.


  • You can monetize your tracks only in your current territories. If you visit some other territory you need to take a different subscription plan. The same subscription plan will not work out over there and you can lose your listeners. You can also mark separate copyright with your track so that others cannot copy and upload its soundtrack or any other platform.


  • Make sure that all your free clearance activities are completed before you release your track on this platform. Once the basic number of listeners limit gets crossed, you can start monetizing your track to earn money. SoundCloud will ensure that your song remains in the playlist of others and goes live just when you approve the same for clearance. SoundCloud is one such platform that also makes some self-effort to promote your track amongst the listeners so that your poor unit earning can increase to an extent.


  • You need to ensure that while creating the account you give the proper and valid credentials such as email ID and the other contact details. Apart from such, you can also sign in through your existing Google or Facebook account. You can also take the free subscription to test your reach. It is preferred if you are willing to increase your audience base.

    Just upload your first track and test your reach. After that, you can select the pro subscription wherein you get good opportunities to increase your client base. Furthermore, if you see that listeners are praising your tracks you can go for the unlimited option and upload as many songs as you want to earn money from there.


  • You can download this application anywhere you want. Either you can access it from its official website or you can download it for free either on Android or iOS. The same is also available for different versions of Windows and can be accessed from Xbox and Sonos too. The designers have also planned to release the same on Google Home so that access can become easier.


  • This whole subscription process will not cost you more than $55 a year against which you can earn a lot continuously. If you go for the unlimited option, initially you will have to pay just $135 annually and by uploading good tracks you can increase SoundCloud engagements quite rapidly.



If you want to distinguish yourself from the other musicians, you can try uploading your tracks on SoundCloud. SoundCloud has provided huge opportunities to lots of musicians for the past many years. 

You just need a minimum investment to get into this platform against which you can earn more than you expect if your tracks touch the hearts of the listeners of your targeted territories.

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