Bandits Kidnap Over 80 Villagers In Kaduna State




Bandits Kidnap Over 80 Villagers In Kaduna State

The 2000 villagers who were taking refuge at a primary in Jibiya town, said among the 80 people taken away by the bandits who invaded their village and set their food barn and local shop on fire took away their children, women including pregnant ones were taken to the forest.


They alleged that the authorities have not come to their aid with any assurance. According to the villagers, they came with full force at 5.30 pm and invaded us, we were not aware of their coming. They opened fire, shot sporadically, and burnt down shops and our food barns .”


They had to run away from Kwari village and moved to the Central Primary school in Jibiya town.

” We are here lying down in a humiliating manner.No even mats to lie on. We are all lying on the bare ground. “

” When the bandits left, we looked and found out that those taken away were up to 80. In some houses, they took 5, 10 and took them to the forest. Even our little children .”

When asked if they have received any assistance from the Local Government, State Government, or security agencies, they said no.

” Truly, we are in need of help. We need assistance because we are in a pitiable condition. Please help us, Wallahi some husbands don’t know where their wives are. Some wives cannot find their husbands. Children cannot find their mothers, some mothers don’t know where their children are,”.

SP Gambo Isa, Spokesperson of the Katsina Police Command could not respond to inquiries by the BBC on the attack.

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