Wike Visits Collapsed Building Site In Abuja, Insists Structures Without Approval Will Go Down

Minister Wike's Site Visit Underscores Urgent Need for Stricter Building Regulations Following Abuja Building Collapse

In a swift response to the unfortunate incident that occurred on Wednesday night, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, personally visited the scene of a collapsed two-storey building situated in the bustling Garki II area of Abuja.

Wike Visits Collapsed Building Site In Abuja, Insists Structures Without Approval Will Go Down
Nyesom Wike

The incident, which transpired around 10 p.m., led to the collapse of a building housing multiple business centers, causing concern and highlighting the pressing need for stricter safety regulations in the region.

As reported earlier by Talkglitz, the collapsed structure became a scene of devastation and concern, triggering the FCT administration’s immediate attention.

The Minister’s visit to the site on Thursday morning aimed to assess the extent of the damage and reaffirm his commitment to enforcing stringent building regulations to ensure public safety.

Addressing a gathering of journalists and concerned citizens amidst the debris, Minister Nyesom Wike reiterated his prior statements regarding the necessity of adhering to proper building codes within the nation’s capital. He emphasized that buildings lacking the requisite approvals and following safety protocols would face necessary and decisive actions.

“This is what we are saying: any building without approval will go down. We don’t hate anybody. All we are saying is the proper thing should be done,” Minister Wike stated firmly.

Minister Nyesom Wike’s on-site visit serves as a visible testament to the FCT administration’s dedication to ensuring public safety and preventing avoidable disasters. As investigations into the causes of the collapse continue, the incident stands as a stark reminder that proper building approvals and adherence to safety protocols are non-negotiable in the nation’s capital.

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