God Will Use Tinubu To Build Nigeria – Kumuyi

Renowned Cleric Believes Divine Intervention Will Guide Tinubu's Ministerial Team Towards National Progress

William Kumuyi, the general superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, has expressed his firm belief that President Bola Tinubu will transform Nigeria.

God Will Use Tinubu To Build Nigeria - Kumuyi
William Kumuyi

Kumuyi’s remarks were made during an exclusive conversation with journalists in Osogbo, Osun state, on Tuesday, just ahead of his ministry’s upcoming global crusade program.

As anticipation builds around the nation’s future prospects under President Tinubu’s leadership, the renowned cleric called upon Nigerians to rally behind the recently appointed ministers and place their trust in their potential as instruments for the nation’s advancement.

With unwavering conviction, Kumuyi asserted, “I believe; we all believe that we’re going to see new things for our country through our President and through the members of the cabinet.”

He went on to emphasize the positive changes he envisions for the nation, expressing his faith that divine intervention will guide the leaders to prioritize the welfare of the people and make decisions that will foster national development.

“Good things will happen. What we’re saying is that God will perform a miracle in the heart of our leaders and their hearts will be towards the people and the wisdom to lead us and do everything that will benefit us as a country, the Lord himself will do in their hearts,” Kumuyi noted.

“You’ll see those ministers that have been chosen in the cabinet are not new people that have never done anything. If you look at them one by one, you’ll see the good things they’ve done either as state governors of the past or as other ministers and I would say they have been carefully chosen.”

“If we support and accept them and if we are not criticizing their every step, we believe that God will walk through them and use them as instruments to build our nation. Let’s forget the past. This is a new day and we all believe that we are going to see new things for our country through the president and cabinet members. Good things will happen.”

Amid these inspiring words, the nation remains poised for transformative change. On the preceding Monday, President Tinubu inaugurated a total of 45 ministers following their comprehensive screening and approval by the Senate.

As the nation embarks on this new chapter of leadership, the sentiments expressed by William Kumuyi resonate with a collective hope for progress and prosperity.

The country watches with anticipation as President Tinubu’s government takes its course, with expectations set high and aspirations aimed at a brighter future for Nigeria.

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