ICJ To Rule Over Russian Invasion Of Ukraine On Wednesday

ICJ To Rule Over Russian Invasion Of Ukraine On Wednesday
International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has announced that it will rule this Wednesday in the case brought by Ukraine that Russia falsely justified its invasion by making accusations that Ukraine had engaged in genocide.

Kyiv filed the case at the ICJ, the United Nations’ top court, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, demanding that the tribunal order an end to the offensive, Agence France-Presse reports.

AFP further writes that Ukraine:

Accuses Russia of illegally trying to justify its war under an international convention by falsely alleging that Ukraine committed genocide in regions held by pro-Russian separatists.

Russia declined to turn up to a hearing at the United Nations court on March 7.

The court in The Hague, in the Netherlands, said in a statement it would announce its judgment on Wednesday at 1500 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The ICJ was set up after World War II to rule on disputes between UN member states, based mainly on treaties and conventions.

Although its rulings are binding, it has no real means to enforce them.

The case is separate from a Ukraine war crimes investigation launched by the International Criminal Court (ICC), a different, intergovernmental, international tribunal, also based in The Hague that typically tries individuals accused of war crimes.

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