Fuel Scarcity Doubled Nigerians’ Sufferings – Northern CAN

The CAN noted that the continued scarcity of the commodity had inflicted more pains on hapless Nigerians in the face of other challenges including poverty, insecurity.


The Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 Northern States and Abuja, has expressed concern over the lingering fuel scarcity across the country.

Fuel Scarcity Doubled Nigerians’ Sufferings - Northern CAN


The Vice-Chairman of the association in the North and Abuja, Joseph Hayab, stated this in a statement released in Kaduna on Tuesday.

The statement titled, ‘fuel scarcity has doubled Nigerian sufferings,’ said, “The continual scarcity of fuel in Nigeria and the pains of having adulterated fuel in circulation have further increased the hardship Nigerians are going through for about a month now.

“CAN is worried and wondering who is responsible for this bad product and scarcity. We are compelled to ask who is our Minister of petroleum? What has he and the ministry done to avert and remedy this situation?

“Do the pains we are facing not enough for the minister to make a public apology or honorably resign for not delivering the service Nigerians are yearning to get?

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“Nigerians should not continue to suffer due to the negligence and incompetence of people holding public offices. why should our leaders abuse the patience of our Citizens?

“Our citizens are considered to be the most patient people on earth because we have been enduring bad governance, poor service delivery which has led to deaths that could have been avoided by many family members, friends, and associates.

“How can we be major oil producers but have failed to fix our refineries and find lasting solutions to the challenge of oil subsidy?”

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