Ibrahim Chatta Speaks Out on AMVCA Exclusion: Perceived Conspiracy and Aspirations for an Oscar

Renowned Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta, has expressed his concerns over what he perceives as a conspiracy against him after being excluded from the annual Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA). Despite his notable acting prowess, particularly in the movie “King of Thieves,” which garnered multiple nominations in this year’s AMVCA award categories, Chatta was noticeably absent from the list of nominees.

Ibrahim Chatta Speaks Out on AMVCA Exclusion: Perceived Conspiracy and Aspirations for an Oscar
Ibrahim Chatta

Chatta, however, emphasized that it was not the lack of a nomination that bothered him, but rather the fact that the organizers had never extended an invitation to him. In a recent radio interview that he reposted on his Instagram page, the actor revealed his feelings of being overlooked, suggesting that his works were not considered notable enough.

“While my exclusion from the nomination list didn’t make me feel bad because I understand that competition is tough and the best are chosen every year, my concern lies in the lack of invitations extended to me. It feels like there is a conspiracy against me,” Chatta stated.

Expressing his disappointment, Chatta also mentioned observing his younger colleagues, even those who recently joined Nollywood, attending the event and showcasing their outfits. He wondered whether his own works were not worthy enough to garner such recognition.

Nonetheless, Chatta made it clear that he would not let any award or lack thereof affect his craft. He expressed his unwavering determination to win an Oscar before his time in this world comes to an end.

“I have set my sights on receiving an Oscar before I leave this world. I refuse to let any award disturb my skills or my work. When you start fixating on not receiving an award, it can make you weary, and I don’t want that. Winning an Oscar is my ultimate target,” Chatta declared.

As Ibrahim Chatta speaks out about his exclusion from the AMVCA and sets his sights on international recognition, his fans and industry peers eagerly await the day he receives the coveted Oscar, believing in his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft.

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