Crewnecks VS V-Necks: Find Your Style In 2023


Crewnecks VS V-Necks: Find Your Style In 2023Spring and summer 2023 are just around the corner, which means it’s time to review our wardrobes! 


One of the key items in any guy’s closet is a t-shirt, so keeping that department fresh every season is absolutely essential.


Unsure whether to choose crew necks or V-necks? Let us help you find your style in 2023!


Crew Neck Tees


Crew necks are the original t-shirts. They have a round neckline and come in classic, slim, and oversized fits. 


It’s undoubtedly the most popular style in the world, worn for pretty much any occasion, from casual Fridays to weekends out to summer garden parties.


They look fantastic on their own or as a layering canvas under blazers, jumpers, and shirts. 


You can also pair a crew neck t-shirt with jeans, shorts, linen pants, cargo, and almost any other trousers. 


Lastly, you can even wear high-quality fitted crew neck tees with a suit, which makes them a real wardrobe MVP.


V-Neck Tees


The second most popular tee style is a V-neck. It has a V-shaped neckline and was initially created to be worn under button-down shirts.


However, today V-necks are a popular choice for many guys, and in 2023 you can find a vast selection of styles. 


A V-neck is the ultimate summer tee and looks great with casual and semi-formal outfits. 


Usually, this style is fitted, and that’s why it’s excellent if you want to highlight and show off your body. 


You can also layer it with cardigans, sweaters, and blazers. 


How To Choose


So how do you choose between a crew neck and a V-neck? Well, first of all, it’s all about your preference.


Trends come and go, and it would be foolish to avoid something just because it’s not “in.”


However, you can use a few guidelines when picking a tee for your 2023 outfits. 


Those include your body type, dress code, and fabric.


Body type 


Generally, crew neck t-shirts look good on everyone. They are especially great for skinnier guys because the boxy shape creates a broadening effect on the shoulders and chest. 


If you want to look bigger, opt for a classic over oversized fit and skip tight crew necks, as they will only highlight your small frame. 


Slim-fit crews will work great for guys with broad shoulders and those with larger biceps. 


V-necks have the opposite effect and work well for those who want to appear taller. The elongating effect makes you look slimmer, and the V neckline adds structure to your frame. 


Opt for a deeper V, but don’t go overboard. 


Dress code 


T-shirts are generally reserved for casual and smart-casual occasions, and crewnecks are usually the first ones in line, especially those with graphics and logos. 


Crew necks are also a more common choice for the gym, sports, and outdoorsy activities and offer more performance styles than V-necks.


While a high-quality crew neck can definitely be luxurious, the more suitable choice for smart-casual and semi-formal outings will be a V-neck. 


It looks a little bit more put together and works well under suits and blazers. Just don’t forget: you want a subtle V! 


So when picking out a tee, think about where you’re going, what’s the dress code, and what you are going to style it with it. 


Fabric and season


Today you can get a tee made from almost any fabric. From cotton to linen to merino wool, it’s all available. 


While nothing is set in stone, V-necks are generally made from thinner fabrics, such as light cotton, and are a better choice for hot summer days and warm climates. 


Crewnecks are usually sturdier and warmer and, therefore, a better choice for the colder months. 


Of course, there are exceptions, so just like with any guidelines – take what works for you and create your own 2023 style! 

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