What Mental Illness Is Not

The thing that drives me crazy is how people use mental illnesses for attention. Depression is probably the most used mental illness, and there are so many people (mostly teenage girls) on Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms who are saying things like “iM sO dEpReSsEd bEcAuSe bIlLie eiLiSh iS dEpResSeD” and other basic things like that.

I hate how in this meme they have Billie Eilish. Billie is one of the reasons teenage girls have fake depression because they want to appear cool and eDgY like Billie.

What Mental Illness Is Not

When did everyone start getting confused between depression and sadness? There are thousands of memes about having depression, anxiety and stress online, and that bothers me a lot. Depression is ongoing sadness, and on Google Dictionary the definition is “feelings of severe despondency and dejection.” the Google definition for sad is “feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy.”

There’s clearly a difference. Another mental illness people use for attention is anxiety. It’s sad that people actually do have mental illnesses like anxiety and depression yet people say they do when they want attention.

What Mental Illness Is Not

There are hundreds of these memes online where you see people running from all these mental illnesses, and it really bothers me to think that people are that desperate for attention that they need to go ahead and make a stupid MEME.

I aM oFfeNdeD!

Mental Illness is NOT Billie Eilish!

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