Johnny Depp Debunks Relationship Rumours With Lawyer

Famous American actor and producer Johnny Depp has come under heavy fire amid rumours circulating that he is in a relationship with one of his attorneys named Camille Vasquez. Ms Vasquez has been one of Depp’s lawyers since the trial between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard began, with Heard and Depp divorcing in 2016. However there have arisen issues of assault with the pair spitting fire and brimstone.

Depp has made it clear he is not in a relationship with Vasquez but a good number of Tik-Tok videos have spotted the pair a little intimate with held hands and a soft caress here and there. Sources close to Depp and Vasquez claim it has only become a professional relationship and a friendship with nothing attached to it.

Johnny Depp Debunks Relationship Rumours With Lawyer
Johnny Depp at a Red Carpet

Vasquez is said to find Depp funny, intriguing and charismatic, even in a courtroom and during a courtroom session, he finds a way to brighten the gloom. She does not deny the fact that she laughs very often at his many jokes and she is fully focused to keeping her client at ease in light of his charges pressed against his former wife.

Camille Vasquez is in a serious relationship with a British realtor and sources close to Ms Vasquez say they have been dating for a good number of months now. His name, however, is kept hidden as she does not want the media to breathe down her neck.  Vasquez has never been sexually involved with her client, Depp, and the same has been concurred by Depp and his team.

Vasquez believes she is treated equally with the other attorneys charged to represent Depp and she insists she is not being pampered or favoured by the client. Multiple sources had already claimed that the pair were very interested in each other and the reason Depp and Vasquez have come out to debunk these tales is to clear the air. Vasquez says they are fully focused on ensuring Depp wins this case and that their client is properly treated.

Johnny Depp is most famous for acting in the movie ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’. He is a winner of multiple awards and he is one of the most successful actors in the world.

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