Dodger Stadium Proposal Results in Year-Long Ban for Fan

Ricardo Juarez Receives One-Year Ban After Viral Proposal to Girlfriend Ramona Saavedra

Dodger Stadium Proposal Results in Year-Long Ban for Fan  A fan who stormed the field at Dodger Stadium last week to propose to his girlfriend has been banned from the stadium for one year, according to TMZ Sports. Ricardo Juarez received the punishment for his impromptu proposal, which was captured on camera and quickly went viral.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Juarez revealed that he wasn’t too upset about the ban, considering he had avoided jail time and his girlfriend, Ramona Saavedra, had said yes to his proposal. Saavedra, for her part, joked that her future husband would “live” with the one-year suspension.

After the proposal, Juarez took a massive hit from a security guard and was in a great deal of pain the next day. Saavedra took him to the hospital, but he was diagnosed with nothing more than some bad bruising.

Juarez explained that the proposal was not planned, and that he had originally intended to pop the question in the stands. However, when he saw how close they were to the field, he decided to take the risk.

The couple, who have been together for three years, are now planning to get married in August. Saavedra said they have been receiving a lot of offers to help make their dream wedding come true, thanks to the exposure from the viral proposal.

As for the ring, Saavedra showed off the beautiful diamond to TMZ Sports. Despite the ban, the couple joked that they would see each other at Dodger Stadium in April 2024.

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