LASUTH’s Power Supply Crisis Threatens Patient Welfare and Operations

LASUTH Faces Critical Power Supply Challenge, Patients Bear the Brunt

LASUTH's Power Supply Crisis Threatens Patient Welfare and Operations
LASUTH’s Battle for Electricity: Patients’ Well-being at Stake


Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) is currently facing a severe power supply challenge, posing a threat to the hospital’s normal activities and the well-being of its patients. The unavailability of power from the Independent Power Project company (IPP) has forced LASUTH to heavily rely on generators for the past five weeks. However, even these generators have had to be periodically shut down to ensure trouble-free operation.

The management of LASUTH took to their official Twitter handle, @LASUTHikeja, to disclose the concerning development. In a series of tweets tagged “Power Situation in LASUTH,” they expressed regret over the inconvenience caused to patients while assuring the public that power supply rationing was being carefully managed.

Undoubtedly, the provision of adequate care and services to patients is of paramount importance to LASUTH. Therefore, the hospital management emphasized the need to prioritize essential power supply to critical areas, acknowledging the significance of uninterrupted electricity for patient welfare.

Despite the difficulties faced, LASUTH appealed to their patients for understanding and patience during this challenging time. The management expressed optimism that normalcy would be restored as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that in 2022, the Lagos State government approved the acquisition of three brand new 500 KVA power-generating sets to bolster the power supply in LASUTH. These generators were intended to complement the unreliable power supply from the Mainland Independent Power Project, which suffered from frequent outages due to a shortage of gas supply for running the turbines.

Since their acquisition, the generators have been operating almost continuously, necessitating the implementation of power supply rationing within the healthcare facility. LASUTH has, unfortunately, experienced a series of blackouts in the past, primarily due to the persistent shortage of electricity supply from the IPP.

In February 2022, LASUTH encountered a complete collapse of electricity supply from the IPP, resulting in a water shortage that persisted for several days. This occurred because the available generators were unable to meet the high demand, exacerbating the challenges faced by both patients and staff.

As LASUTH strives to overcome the current power supply crisis, efforts are being made to address the underlying issues and restore stable and reliable electricity to the hospital. The management remains committed to providing uninterrupted healthcare services while ensuring the well-being and comfort of their patients. will continue to monitor the situation at LASUTH and provide updates on the progress made towards resolving the power supply crisis.

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