Auchi Polytechnic Matriculates 15,000 Students, Rector Stresses Ethical Conduct

Rector's Address Highlights Values and Opportunities at Auchi Polytechnic Matriculation

Auchi Polytechnic Matriculates 15,000 Students, Rector Stresses Ethical Conduct
Auchi Polytechnic Welcomes 15,000 New Students, Rector’s Strong Warning against Vice


Auchi Polytechnic, located in Edo State, proudly welcomed and matriculated 15,000 new students for the highly anticipated 2022/2023 academic session. The momentous occasion took place during the institution’s 41st matriculation ceremony, where Dr Salisu Umar, the esteemed Rector of the polytechnic, addressed the newly enrolled students, cautioning them against engaging in cultism, examination malpractice, and other vices.

Dr Umar acknowledged the privileged position of the matriculating students, as they represented only half of the 30,000 applicants who had chosen Auchi Polytechnic as their preferred institution. He extended his warm wishes to the students, urging them to embrace their academic journey at the polytechnic and aspire for excellence.

Speaking on behalf of the governing council and management of the institution, Dr Umar congratulated and extended a heartfelt welcome to the students, emphasizing the distinguished status of Auchi Polytechnic as one of the most sought-after institutions in Nigeria.

In addition to cautioning against involvement in cultism, examination malpractice, and other vices, the Rector strongly emphasized the importance of integrity and ethical conduct. He specifically warned against cheating or engaging in examination misconduct, emphasizing that violators of examination rules or any other regulations of the polytechnic could face severe consequences, including rustication or expulsion.

Dr Umar encouraged the students to maximize the facilities provided by the institution, as doing so would contribute to their comprehensive knowledge and enhance their employability upon graduation. Furthermore, the Rector highlighted the institution’s strong disapproval of indecent dressing and announced the establishment of a Dress Code Committee tasked with ensuring students’ compliance with the approved dress code.

Reiterating the polytechnic’s commitment to fostering an enabling environment for academic success, Dr Umar shared exciting news about the introduction of 19 new programs that would be offered in the upcoming academic session. These additions aimed to provide students with diverse educational opportunities and align the institution with the evolving needs of industries.

Expressing his unwavering dedication, the Rector pledged to restore the glory of Auchi Polytechnic and solidify its position as one of the leading polytechnics in the country. He emphasized the institution’s commitment to maintaining an uninterrupted academic calendar and providing an outstanding educational experience for its students.

As Auchi Polytechnic matriculates its largest batch of students to date, the institution stands poised to nurture and empower the new generation of professionals, reinforcing its reputation for academic excellence and cultivating ethical leaders for Nigeria’s future.

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