How Family Of Four Died In Kogi After Eating ‘Amala’

How Family Of Four Died In Kogi After Eating 'Amala'  Tragedy struck Mopa-Muro Local Government Area of Kogi State after four family members died after eating their traditional dish, amala.

In the latest incident, five people ate cassava flour and died. This is only two months ago from a previous incident in which five people died after eating cassava flour at their family house.

TalkGlitz understands that the deceased victims are the father and two daughters.

According to investigation, the mysterious deaths of the victims happened in a quick succession from September 30 to October 2, 2022.

The death of the four family members has left people in the community in confusion. A quick investigation is needed to uncover why this happened.

Our eyewitness said that when the people ate the meal, they started getting sick. They were taken to the ECWA Hospital, Egbe, and stabilized, however efforts to make them better were unsuccessful.

One after the other, it was gathered that they all passed between Friday and Sunday, while the mother of the house, identified as Molomo, who also ate the meal alongside her family members, is currently under close examination at ECWA Hospital Egbe.

DAILY POST learned the burial of four members of a family has been suspended due to suspicions of foul play with the death.

A community member told DAILY POST that four family members have died after eating the amala, saying “we suspect that someone may have poisoned the food”. The community has suspended their burial, pending the investigation.”


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