I Will Work For Tinubu If He Consults Me – Bode George

Bode George Expresses Willingness to Collaborate with President Tinubu for the Sake of Nigeria's Future

Bode George, the former deputy national chairman (south) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed his openness to collaborating with President Bola Tinubu if the latter consults him.

I Will Work For Tinubu If He Consults Me - Bode George
Bode George

In a recent press conference, George, who has been an outspoken critic of Tinubu, revealed his willingness to work alongside the president.

George, a prominent figure in the PDP, has consistently opposed Tinubu’s political aspirations, even prior to the latter’s bid for the presidency. He has gone as far as stating on multiple occasions that he would consider going into exile if Tinubu were to become Nigeria’s president.

Moreover, in response to Tinubu’s presidential election victory, George made it clear that he would not extend his congratulations. He cited fundamental disagreements with Tinubu’s “methodologies of governance” as the basis for his position.

However, during a recent interview with journalists, George emphasized that his opposition to Tinubu’s presidency is not driven by personal motives. He expressed his readiness to collaborate with the president for the betterment of the nation.

“If he comes and says look, what do you feel about this, what do you feel about that, let’s work together in the interest of this country, why would I refuse? This nation also trained me,” George stated.

He further elaborated, highlighting his own training and experiences: “The military trained me. There is no part of the world that I have not been to, training and doing exercises. This country trained us. So, we must be able to put something back to the system that would also positively impact on the younger ones, to put a smile on their faces.’’

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