PDP Demands President Buhari’s Action: Sack INEC Chairman for Electoral Redemption

PDP Official Insists on INEC Chairman's Removal to Restore Public Confidence

PDP Demands President Buhari's Action: Sack INEC Chairman for Electoral Redemption
INEC Chairman’s Fate Hangs in the Balance as PDP Demands Buhari’s Action


In a recent interview on Arise TV, Daniel Bwala, the spokesperson of the now-defunct PDP Presidential Campaign Council, strongly recommended that President Muhammadu Buhari dismiss the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Yakubu Mahmood, in order to salvage his electoral legacy. Bwala expressed his concerns about the erosion of public confidence in Yakubu and stressed the need for an impartial umpire, particularly in the event of a potential run-off election.

According to Bwala, President Buhari’s electoral legacy has been tarnished due to the perceived abuse of the signing of the Electoral Act during the recent election. He emphasized that the essence of the Electoral Act had been disregarded, causing significant damage. To rectify this situation and restore faith in the electoral process, Bwala insisted that the INEC Chairman must be relieved of his duties.

“The only way President Muhammadu Buhari can redeem his electoral legacy is by promptly sacking the INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu,” Bwala firmly stated during the interview. “Given the possibility of a run-off election, it is crucial for Nigerians to have an unbiased umpire overseeing the process. Unfortunately, Yakubu Mahmood has lost the trust and confidence of the Nigerian people.”

Bwala’s comments reflect the growing sentiment among Nigerians, who have expressed their disillusionment with the recent electoral proceedings. Many citizens have raised concerns about the integrity and transparency of the electoral system, which they believe can only be addressed through a change in leadership within the INEC.

As the spokesperson for the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, Bwala represents the party’s stance on the matter. The PDP has been vocal in its criticisms of the electoral process and has consistently called for reforms to ensure a fair and credible democratic system in Nigeria.

President Buhari now faces a critical decision regarding the leadership of the INEC. The outcome of this decision could significantly impact public trust in future elections and determine the success of his administration’s efforts to restore faith in the electoral process.

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