Lagos Police Dismiss Sergeant for Extortion, Victim Loses N98,000

Officer Dismissed for Extorting Young Man of N98,000 in Lagos

Lagos Police Dismiss Sergeant for Extortion, Victim Loses N98,000
Lagos Police Command Dismisses Sergeant Involved in Extortion, Victim Deprived of N98,000


In a recent development, the Lagos State Police Command has announced the dismissal of Sergeant Ekpo Shimuyere, who was attached to Sogunle Division, for his involvement in extorting a young man of N98,000. The command’s spokesperson, Superintendent Benjamin Hundeyin, revealed this information during a press briefing held on Wednesday. He further stated that the Provost Department of the command had already disrobed the dismissed sergeant.

According to Hundeyin, the dismissed sergeant seized the victim’s phone and utilized a Point of Sale (POS) operator to transfer N98,000 out of the young man’s bank account, which had a total balance of N100,000. The spokesperson emphasized that such actions by a police officer are in direct violation of the ethics of the profession.

“The police received a complaint from the victim, but when contacted, the officer denied any involvement in the crime. In order to preserve the evidence, the command immediately placed him under detention,” Hundeyin said.

He went on to explain the steps taken by the police to investigate the matter: “We wrote to his bank and obtained his statement of account. Through careful tracing, we were able to determine that the money had been transferred by the POS operator before eventually reaching the officer’s account. We followed due process to obtain this information. During the investigation, the victim was invited and gave his testimony. The POS operator was also invited and confirmed that the officer had requested the money transfer from the victim’s account to another account.”

In accordance with the existing laws, the sergeant was subjected to an Orderly Room trial. Superintendent Benjamin Hundeyin disclosed, “Following a review of the orderly room procedure by Commissioner of Police Mr. Idowu Owohunwa of the Lagos Command, it has been decided that the punishment of dismissal from the Force be imposed on the officer with Force No. 461654, attached to Sogunle Police Division.”

Hundeyin stressed that the Commissioner of Police issued a stern warning to all officers and personnel, cautioning against any form of corruption. The dismissal of Sergeant Shimuyere serves as a clear message and deterrent to others within the force.

“The Lagos State Police Command remains committed to upholding professionalism and will continue to take disciplinary action against any officer found guilty of engaging in unprofessional conduct,” Hundeyin added.

This incident underscores the command’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior within the Nigerian police force. The public’s trust in law enforcement will undoubtedly be strengthened by the swift and appropriate response taken by the Lagos State Police Command in this case.

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