Gov Otti Suspends Transport Levies In Abia, Pledges To Reform Collection System

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, takes action to relieve commercial drivers by suspending transport fees and vows to reform revenue collection methods.

The Governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, has taken a significant step to alleviate the burden on commercial drivers by suspending all transport fees imposed on them.

Gov Otti Suspends Transport Levies In Abia, Pledges To Reform Collection System
Governor Alex Otti

The announcement came through a statement issued by Otti’s spokesperson, Ferdinand Ekeoma, on Wednesday.

According to Ekeoma, the directive aligns with the governor’s commitment to streamline revenue collection methods in the state and eradicate any form of extortion, intimidation, or harassment faced by motorists.

The governor’s administration aims to ensure a transparent and organized approach to collecting transport levies while safeguarding the rights and privileges of Abia residents.

The statement released by Ekeoma read, “The governor has issued an immediate suspension of all transport levies payable to the Abia state government, which have been imposed on tricycles (Keke), buses, taxis, and other commercial vehicles operating on Abia roads.”

This suspension takes effect immediately and will remain in place until the government reviews these levies and outlines a clear plan for their collection that ensures fairness, and transparency, and eliminates any possibility of exploitation, intimidation, or violation of the rights and privileges of the people of Abia.

Recognizing the negative impact of the current revenue collection system on the lives of Abia residents and the economic well-being of the state, the governor firmly believes that it should not be allowed to persist. The state government is determined to introduce a more modern and people-oriented method of collecting transport levies.

“In light of this decision, the governor has issued a stern warning to all individuals directly or indirectly involved in the enforcement or collection of these levies to immediately cease their activities. Failure to comply with this directive will result in legal consequences, as security agencies have been duly informed and instructed to apprehend and bring to justice anyone found violating this directive.

The Abia State Government’s move to suspend transport fees is a significant development that is expected to ease the financial burden on commercial drivers and improve the overall transportation system in the state.

As motorists await the government’s revised plans for collecting these levies, there is optimism that the new approach will prioritize the welfare of the people while fostering economic growth and development in Abia.

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