Former Ekiti Governor Praises President Tinubu’s Removal of Fuel Subsidy

Former Ekiti Governor Hails President Tinubu's Decision to End Fuel Subsidy


Former Ekiti Governor Praises President Tinubu's Removal of Fuel Subsidy
Nigerian Politician Ayodele Fayose Backs President Tinubu’s Fuel Subsidy Removal


Former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has applauded President Bola Tinubu’s recent announcement regarding the removal of fuel subsidy, describing it as “the best and wisest decision” for the nation. President Tinubu, who assumed office on Monday, declared that fuel subsidy is no longer sustainable in Nigeria, effectively signaling its end.

The President’s decision has sparked a wave of mixed reactions among Nigerians, with debates centered on the timing and the anticipated palliatives to alleviate the potential effects. As a consequence, long queues have formed at petrol stations, while commercial drivers have increased transport fares since Tuesday.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday to express his views on the removal of fuel subsidy, Fayose acknowledged President Tinubu’s leadership and urged Nigerians to endure the temporary hardships that may arise. He stated, “On this removal of fuel subsidy, I am convinced that President Tinubu has taken the best and the wisest decision for the collective good of Nigeria and its people. He promised to remove the subsidy; he never hid it.”

Fayose also highlighted that the previous administration had already technically removed fuel subsidy by excluding it from the 2023 budget. He appealed to Nigerians to bear with the government during this challenging period, assuring them that the hardships would gradually ease over time. He emphasized that removing the fuel subsidy was a necessary step that must be taken decisively to break the cycle of benefiting only a select few in the oil industry.

As a prominent figure within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the former governor expressed confidence in President Tinubu’s ability to govern effectively, drawing on his prior experience as the governor of Lagos state. Fayose acknowledged that President Tinubu could not magically create money but could strategically reposition the country based on his expertise and intellect, which he has already begun to demonstrate.

Fayose further pointed out that numerous previous governments had paid lip service to addressing these issues, and now it was time to sustain the country by making potentially difficult decisions that could set Nigeria on the path to progress. He called on the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and all concerned parties, particularly ordinary citizens, to recognize that the previous administration had caused significant damage. Fayose believed that the new government’s primary objective was to stabilize the country, even if it meant making tough choices.

Expressing disappointment with fuel marketers who prioritize personal profit over national welfare, Fayose urged the government to take strict actions against those found hoarding fuel or selling it at exorbitant prices. He emphasized the need for strong measures to discourage such practices and protect the interests of the Nigerian people.

In conclusion, Ayodele Fayose commended President Tinubu’s decision to remove fuel subsidy, expressing optimism that his leadership would steer Nigeria towards progress and stability. He called on Nigerians to remain patient as the government works to alleviate the short-term challenges that may arise from this significant policy change.

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