DSS Denies Engagement in Altercation with EFCC Officials Over Lagos Property

DSS Denies Clash with EFCC Over Lagos Property, Calls Reports False

DSS Denies Engagement in Altercation with EFCC Officials Over Lagos Property
No Fight Between DSS and EFCC Over Lagos Property, Clarifies DSS Spokesperson


In a recent development, the Department of the State Security Service (DSS) has refuted claims circulating in the media regarding a confrontation between its officials and those of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over a property in Lagos.

Early this morning, reports emerged suggesting that the DSS had obstructed the anti-graft agency from accessing its office situated in Ikoyi, Lagos. According to eyewitnesses, the DSS had placed barricades around the building, with an armored tank stationed prominently at the entrance.

Responding promptly to these allegations, Peter Afunanya PhD fsi, the Public Relations Officer of the Department of State Services, issued a statement to Vanguard discrediting the reports. Afunanya emphasized that the DSS was merely operating within its own premises, where it carries out its official and legal duties.

He urged the general public to dismiss the purported incident, emphasizing that no altercation had occurred between the DSS and the EFCC. Afunanya stated, “It is not correct that the DSS barricaded EFCC from entering its office. No. It is not true. The Service is only occupying its own facility where it is carrying out its official and statutory responsibility.”

Furthermore, Afunanya highlighted that there was no dispute surrounding the ownership of the property located at No 15A Awolowo Road, contrary to media speculations. He expressed surprise at any insinuation that the EFCC contested ownership, stating, “Awolowo Road was NSO headquarters. SSS/DSS started from there. It is a common knowledge. It is a historical fact. Check it out.”

Lastly, Afunanya underscored the harmonious relationship between the DSS and the EFCC, emphasizing their joint efforts in working for the betterment of the nation. He urged everyone to dismiss any false claims of a rivalry, stating, “There is no rivalry between the Service and the EFCC over and about anything. Please do not create any imaginary one. They are great partners working for the good of the nation. Dismiss any falsehood of a fight.”

This clarification from the Department of State Security Service aims to put an end to the circulating rumors and provide accurate information regarding the situation in question.

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