DSS Blocks EFCC Officials, Deploys Armored Tank to Prevent Access to Lagos Office

DSS Blocks EFCC Officials from Accessing Office in Lagos

DSS Blocks EFCC Officials, Deploys Armored Tank to Prevent Access to Lagos Office
“Building Ownership Dispute Escalates: DSS Blocks EFCC Officials’ Entry in Lagos


In a recent development, the Department of the State Security Service (DSS) has allegedly obstructed officials from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from entering their office located in Ikoyi, Lagos. Reports suggest that the DSS took control of the entire building and stationed an armored tank at the entrance, causing a standoff between the two agencies.

An undisclosed source revealed to Premium Times that the DSS resorted to drastic measures, even deploying an armored tank, in an apparent attempt to intimidate the EFCC officials. “They even placed an armored tank just to scare us away,” the source was quoted as saying.

This incident arises amidst an ongoing dispute between the two law enforcement agencies regarding the ownership of the building. The EFCC and DSS have reportedly been locked in a disagreement over the rightful claim to the property.

At the time of reporting, all EFCC officials present at the Awolowo Road office in Ikoyi were denied access to the premises by DSS personnel. The situation remains tense as both agencies stand their ground, awaiting a resolution to the dispute.

This development raises concerns about the state of inter-agency collaboration in Nigeria’s fight against corruption. The EFCC, established to combat financial crimes and corruption, has played a crucial role in investigating and prosecuting individuals involved in corrupt practices. The DSS, on the other hand, is responsible for providing intelligence and maintaining national security.

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