Afrobeat Singer Seun Kuti Alleges Setup by ‘OBIdients’ During Arrest

Seun Kuti Accuses 'OBIdients' of Plotting Setup During Arrest

Afrobeat Singer Seun Kuti Alleges Setup by 'OBIdients' During Arrest
Seun Kuti Claims ‘OBIdients’ Tried to Frame Him After Arrest


Renowned Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, has recently come forward with accusations against supporters of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate in the 2023 presidential election, commonly referred to as ‘OBIdients.’ Kuti claims that these supporters were attempting to set him up during his arrest by the Nigerian Police.

The incident in question took place when a video surfaced showing Seun Kuti slapping a police officer, sparking a range of mixed reactions across social media platforms. Following the incident, Seun Kuti was charged and brought before the Sabo-Yaba Chief Magistrates Court in Lagos, presided over by Judge Adeola Olatubosun, on allegations of assaulting a police officer on the Third Mainland Bridge.

In a recent video, the controversial singer expressed his belief that the ‘OBIdients’ were orchestrating a setup while he was detained in prison for a duration of eight days. Seun Kuti gratefully acknowledged the presence and protection of the Ancestral Secret Service (ASS) throughout his incarceration.

“The Obidients still wanted to set me up inside the prison,” Seun Kuti declared, emphasizing his gratitude for the ASS’s support. “Thank God for ASS. They don’t know that the Ancestral Secret Service is always working. Even inside the cell, they were there with me for 24 hours, watching and guarding to make sure mosquitos did not bite me.”

Seun Kuti went on to challenge the credibility of certain journalists, whom he referred to as “fake.” He asserted that these individuals failed to substantiate their claims and actions because they were aware of the underlying motives behind them. According to the Afrobeat singer, even when these journalists spoke the truth, they did so with ulterior motives, as the truth, in his view, always carries an agenda. He criticized their intentions, suggesting that their objective was to gain something sinister rather than disseminating information for public awareness.

Furthermore, Seun Kuti expressed disdain for individuals he referred to as “clout chasers,” specifically mentioning someone named David Hundeyin, who allegedly claimed to have been hosted by Oxford University. Seun Kuti dismissed this assertion, questioning Hundeyin’s credibility and stating, “Oxford doesn’t know you. Who are you? Why are you lying that Oxford hosted you? They used that for clout – clout chasers. Everything they do is about clout.”

Seun Kuti’s accusations have further fueled the ongoing controversy surrounding his arrest, prompting discussions on social media regarding the role of ‘OBIdients’ and the perceived bias of certain journalists. The artist’s claims have garnered significant attention, inviting scrutiny of the alleged motives behind his arrest and the subsequent events that unfolded during his time in prison.

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