NLC Kaduna urges payment of reinstated workers’ entitlements

NLC Kaduna urges payment of reinstated workers' entitlements

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Kaduna State Council has called on the state government to pay the entitlements of reinstated workers who were affected by the sudden decision to disengage them. The Chairperson of the state Congress, Comrade Ayuba Magaji Suleiman, expressed this view in a press release made available to journalists in Kaduna.

Comrade Ayuba Suleiman appreciated the decision of the government to reinstate the affected teachers and other employees, who were victims of a harsh and ill-thought-out action. He noted that this decision had caused many of them to face unpleasant socio-economic conditions and psychological torment.

He also pointed out that the implications of the earlier action on the larger educational sector in the state were unimaginable. He highlighted the plight of schools in rural areas where teachers were disengaged, as well as the fate of students whose teachers were affected. Many schools were forced to shut down, while others operated in abysmal conditions due to the shortage of teachers and other manpower. This situation has further widened the gap towards achieving quality basic education.

Comrade Ayuba Suleiman expressed his disappointment that this had to linger for close to a year, which he believed was an indictment that called into question the aptitude of the leadership of the board. He called on the government to consider reinstating those who had yet to be reinstated.

In conclusion, the NLC Kaduna State Council urged the government to take decisive actions to address the plight of affected workers, pay their entitlements and ensure that such actions do not occur in the future. The government must prioritize the welfare of its workers and ensure that all workers are treated with fairness and dignity.

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