Murphy Afolabi Predicted His Death – Actor Adekola Tijani Reveals

Late Actor Murphy Afolabi's Eerie Premonition of Death Revealed by Colleague Adekola Tijani

In a shocking revelation, Nollywood actor Adekola Tijani has opened up about the conversation he had with his late colleague, Murphy Afolabi, just moments before his untimely demise.

Murphy Afolabi Predicted His Death - Actor Adekola Tijani Reveals
Adekola Tijani

Murphy Afolabi tragically lost his life on Sunday, May 14, after collapsing in his bathroom, leaving the entertainment industry and his fans in mourning.

During an exclusive interview with Goldmyne TV at Murphy Afolabi’s funeral, Adekola Tijani disclosed the haunting details of their last conversation, in which Afolabi had seemingly predicted his own death.

Tijani expressed his disbelief at the time, as Afolabi’s demeanor appeared lighthearted and jovial, leaving no indication of the tragic fate that awaited him.

According to Tijani, Afolabi had reached out to him approximately 30 minutes prior to his passing, urging him to collect some clothing items used in his recent birthday photoshoot.

Additionally, Afolabi surprised Tijani by sending money for their usual Sunday contribution earlier than expected. Although Tijani questioned the timing of the financial gesture, Afolabi cryptically responded, “We don’t know what will happen the next day or in the next minute.”

Tijani, unaware of the underlying message, dismissed it as Afolabi’s usual playful banter.

“We still spoke yesterday, we spoke around 9:30, and he fell around 10 am. I was called immediately, and we rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away before we could reach the medical facility,” Tijani recounted with a heavy heart.

Tijani’s voice filled with regret as he revealed that he had unwittingly missed the signs Afolabi had conveyed during their final conversation. Little did he know that Afolabi was bidding him an unforeseen farewell, leaving behind an eerie premonition of his imminent demise.

Watch Adekola Tijani speak below:

The Nigerian entertainment industry has been left in shock and mourning following the tragic loss of Murphy Afolabi. His sudden passing serves as a somber reminder of life’s uncertainty and the profound impact that actors like Afolabi have on the industry and their fans.

As the Nollywood community continues to grieve, they will undoubtedly cherish Afolabi’s memory and contributions to the Nigerian film landscape.

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