Marvin and Yaya Evicted from BBTitans Show

Details on Marvin and Yaya's Eviction from BBTitans Show and Current Housemate Count

Marvin and Yaya Evicted from BBTitans Show

Marvin and Yaya, the male and female housemates, respectively, have been evicted from the ongoing BBTitans show, bringing the total number of evicted housemates to eight.

The pair formed a team and won the Flutterwave task, but failed to emerge as Heads of House both as a pair and individually. After spending 36 days or five weeks in the house, the pair was evicted on the fifth Sunday of the show.

The BBTitans show, which commenced with 18 housemates, has witnessed four previous evictions.

Sandra and SanTheo were the first to be evicted from the show in the second week. With Marvin and Yaya’s eviction from the show, the number of housemates has reduced to 16.

The show is a reality TV show that follows the lives of the housemates as they compete in various tasks and events, with the ultimate prize being a cash reward and other prizes.

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