Why Female Artistes Struggle In Music Industry – Candy Bleakz

Candy Bleakz Calls for Unity Among Nigerian Female Artists to Overcome Industry Challenges

Rising Nigerian music sensation, Blessing Mariam Akiode, popularly known as Candy Bleakz, has shed light on the significant challenges faced by female artistes in the Nigerian music industry.

Why Female Artistes Struggle In Music Industry - Candy Bleakz
Candy Bleakz

In a recent interview on the Clout Africa podcast, the 23-year-old artiste expressed her views on the lack of unity among female artistes, which she believes hampers their progress when compared to their male counterparts.

Candy Bleakz voiced her concern about the absence of meaningful relationships and collaborations between female artistes, attributing it to the difficult journey faced by women in the industry.

According to the talented singer, the lack of friendship not only affects her but is a prevailing issue for all female artistes in Nigeria.

Reflecting on her personal experiences, Candy Bleakz expressed the additional challenge of being accepted by her female colleagues due to her unique musical style.

As she strives to make her mark in the industry, Candy Bleakz highlighted the difficulty of finding common ground and forming connections with her peers who are engaged in different genres.

“For [Nigerian] female artistes generally, there is no relationship among female artistes. No vibe, no nothing, you know,” Candy Bleakz shared.

“Then now, my music is now even different from what they are doing, now I’m trying to sync myself in, like, yo, I’m here. What’s up? So, it’s harder.”

Candy Bleakz’s statement shines a light on the broader issue of female artists lacking a support network that fosters collaboration, growth, and empowerment.

With her distinctive style and undeniable talent, Candy Bleakz aims to bridge this gap and encourage a more inclusive and supportive environment for female artists.

She believes that by fostering relationships and encouraging collaborations, female artists can collectively overcome the hurdles they face and thrive in the music industry.

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