“Can’t Wait To Walk Down The Aisle” – Warri Pikin Excitedly Countdowns To Her Dream Wedding

Comedienne Warri Pikin Gears Up for Dream Wedding: 10 Days and Counting!

Nigerian comedienne and actress, Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Warri Pikin, is eagerly counting down the days to her dream wedding, which is scheduled to take place in just 10 days.

"Can’t Wait To Walk Down The Aisle" - Warri Pikin Excitedly Countdowns To Her Dream Wedding  The award-winning entertainer has been expressing her excitement about remarrying her beloved husband since last year.


Taking to her Instagram page, Warri Pikin reaffirmed her deep love and admiration for her husband in anticipation of their upcoming ceremony.

Despite being married to him for a decade, she confessed that she is still captivated and infatuated by him, emphasizing the strong bond they share.

As a joyful mother of two, Warri Pikin expressed her anticipation for walking down the aisle once again and renewing their vows. She shared her sentiments with her followers and fans on Instagram, stating, “It’s the official countdown to my BIG DAY. In 10 days, I get to say ‘yes’ again to the man of my dreams.

“Ten years later and you still thoroughly rock my world.

“I can’t wait to walk down the aisle again and renew our promise to each other.”

“Here’s to 10 years in and forever to go. Countdown with me to my big day!!!!”.

Warri Pikin’s heartfelt declaration of love struck a chord with her followers and fans, leading to an outpouring of well wishes and words of encouragement flooding the comments section of her post.

Her supporters eagerly joined her in the countdown to her much-anticipated wedding, celebrating the enduring love between Warri Pikin and her husband.

With just 10 days remaining until the ceremony, the excitement continues to build, and fans of the beloved Nigerian entertainer eagerly await the celebration of her love and the renewal of her marital vows.

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