Priscilla Ojo Clears Air On Dating Enioluwa

Priscilla Ojo Puts an End to Dating Rumors with Influencer Enioluwa, Affirms Genuine Friendship

Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of renowned actress Iyabo Ojo, has come forward with compelling evidence to dispel rumors suggesting a romantic involvement between herself and influencer Enioluwa.

Priscilla Ojo Clears Air On Dating Enioluwa  The duo’s close bond has repeatedly sparked speculation and fueled dating rumors, particularly after their appearance together at the AMVCA event, where they shared captivating photos that captivated the public’s attention.

Seeking to address the mounting speculation, Priscilla Ojo took to her Instagram page to clarify the nature of her relationship with Enioluwa.

She refuted claims made by some individuals asserting that their connection extended beyond friendship. Cognizant of the circulating rumors, Priscilla felt compelled to shed light on the truth and reaffirm the genuine nature of their bond.

During her Instagram post, Priscilla Ojo highlighted that not all relationships are rooted in romantic interests and emphasized that friendship does not always imply a hidden romantic agenda.

She expressed her astonishment at the assumptions made about her connection with Enioluwa, asserting that their relationship is purely platonic. Priscilla went on to explain that while some people might struggle to comprehend genuine friendships without a romantic undertone, it is essential to recognize that not every bond is based on romantic or sexual interests.

To substantiate her response and lend credibility to her rebuttal, Priscilla Ojo shared a snippet of a conversation between herself and Enioluwa.

In the chat, Enioluwa expressed his appreciation for the friendship they share, further solidifying Priscilla’s assertion that their relationship is rooted in a deep and meaningful camaraderie.

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Priscilla Ojo Clears Air On Dating Enioluwa

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