“I Don’t Want To Disgrace You” – Burna Boy Issues Warning To Diddy

Grammy-Winning Nigerian Artist Responds to Dance Battle Challenge from American Music Icon

Nigerian singer and Grammy award-winner, Burna Boy, has recently sent a warning to veteran American rapper and record label executive, Diddy. 

"I Don't Want To Disgrace You" - Burna Boy Issues Warning To Diddy

Burna Boy advised him to acknowledge his status as a music legend to avoid potential embarrassment on the dance floor.

The dynamic duo was spotted at a star-studded party, where Diddy reportedly challenged Burna Boy to a dance battle. However, the self-styled ‘African Giant’ did not take the proposition kindly.

Responding to Diddy’s challenge, Burna Boy humorously stated, “Hey fam, OG! I don’t think you remember you are an old man, I don’t want to disgrace you right here. Don’t call me on the dance floor, I’ve been kinging that sh*t.”

While acknowledging Diddy’s supremacy in the realm of music production, Burna Boy humorously advised the American artist to refrain from challenging him on the dance floor to avoid potential embarrassment, given Burna Boy’s confidence in his own dance skills.

It is worth noting that Diddy served as an executive producer for Burna Boy’s Grammy-award-winning album, ‘Twice As Tall.’ The collaboration between the two artists resulted in critical acclaim and commercial success, further solidifying Burna Boy’s status as a global music sensation.

Burna Boy’s response to Diddy’s dance battle challenge adds an element of light-hearted banter to their already-established working relationship. Despite the friendly exchange, Burna Boy’s words highlight the mutual respect and admiration shared between the two artists.

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