Travis Scott gets Featured Six Months After Astroworld Tragedy

Popular American rapper and Trapster Travis Scott has now been on a track six months after the dreadful Astroworld tragedy that claimed the life of 10 people who attended his show. The show took place during the Houston Festival in November 10 and there were some infrastructural collapses that caused the death of 10 people, causing hundreds of injuries and imparting emotional damage to many thousands who were in attendance.

Scott was featured in a new song released by Nayvidius Wilburn, better known as Future, which is titled ”Hold That Heat”. It means literally hold that gun, with ”heat” being slang for gun among many rappers in modern rap. This is the first time since November that Travis Scott will be on a song and as a featured artist. 

Travis Scott gets Featured Six Months After Astroworld Tragedy
Travis Scott

In the video was spotted music producer Southside as he was the producer of the song.  Both Future and Scott shared a striptease with a lady who was sparsely dressed in lingerie tickling their fancy. Scott made his first visual appearance in a song and will definitely be a huge relief for his fans who have been waiting for his return to the music scene after the brief spell out.

In the song, however, there was no reference to the Astroworld tragedy of November that caused a lot of tragedy. Travis Scott has been lying low since the ugly incident and only a small party show in Coachella earlier this year has been his only gig. The Sickomode crooner was also with SoFi for a game but there have been no public appearances after that.

Travis Scott is being sued by many who either attended the Astroworld show at the Housing Festival or had lost family members during the show. With due process being a key figure in law, it will take years to either litigate or settle these lawsuits and it is possible that this could take a huge toll on Scott’s career as these matters will take longer to clear due to how many lawsuits have been filed.

Travis Scott makes a reference about his new album which is titled ”Utopia” which has prompted many of his fans to anticipate the new volume by Scott set to drop around June.

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