What I Like About Rema – Don Jazzy

Nigerian music producer and record label owner, Don Jazzy, has spoken about the qualities of one of his signees and colleagues, Rema.

What I Like About Rema - Don Jazzy  In a recent interview, Don Jazzy highlighted several aspects of Rema’s personality and work ethic that he found particularly impressive.

Don Jazzy praised Rema’s clear vision and his determination to achieve his goals. He noted that Rema knows what he wants, and has a strong sense of self-awareness that guides his decision-making. “His vision is very clear,” Don Jazzy said. “Some artists don’t have vision.”

Don Jazzy also spoke about Rema’s talent and his dedication to his craft. He described Rema as a “master of his craft,” and noted that he always strives to be unique and original in his work.

Don Jazzy praised Rema for his refusal to conform to anyone else’s opinions or expectations, saying that he is not afraid to go his own way.

Another quality that Don Jazzy highlighted was Rema’s respectfulness, despite his success. Don Jazzy noted that Rema is always polite and courteous to everyone he meets and that he never lets his success go to his head. “He is very respectful,” Don Jazzy said. “He doesn’t have an atom of hate in him. Everybody can succeed together.”

Don Jazzy’s comments provide an insight into the qualities that he values in his colleagues and signees and highlight the talent and dedication of Rema in particular.

Watch him speak:

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