How My Dad Bribed Me To Go Back To University – Davido

Nigerian music sensation, Davido, has shared details about his educational journey and how his father, Chief Adedeji Adeleke, had to bribe him in order to complete his university degree.

How My Dad Bribed Me To Go Back To University - Davido

Speaking on the latest episode of the +44 Amazon Music podcast, the superstar musician revealed how he almost abandoned his education due to his burgeoning music career.

According to Davido, his father had to enter into a deal with him, promising to build him a world-class studio and fund his music videos, in exchange for his commitment to attending classes and completing his degree.

“He [my dad] said if I go to school, he has a piece of land not far; he will build me a studio. But I should go to school from Mondays to Fridays and on weekends, work in the studio. It was a world-class studio. He will give me money to shoot some videos,” Davido said.

The “Fem” crooner also disclosed that he took a break from music until he graduated from university with a second-class degree. The bribe from his father, as well as his own desire to prove himself academically, motivated him to persevere and complete his studies.

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