BBTitian Nelisa Sends Heartwarming Birthday Message To Yemi Cregx

Former Big Brother Titian reality star Nelisa has penned a heartwarming message to celebrate the birthday of her former housemate and partner, Yemi Cregx.

BBTitian Nelisa Sends Heartwarming Birthday Message To Yemi Cregx  Yemi and Nelisa became very close when they were both paired on the Big Brother Titan show while in the house, and Nelisa expressed her gratitude for being paired with Yemi, as it made the journey less scary.

In her message, Nelisa thanked Yemi for constantly showing up for her and being himself. She also expressed her appreciation for the day he was born, as it brought them together.

Nelisa recalled the letter she wrote to Yemi during their time in the house, which talked about the significance of time and how everything happens for a reason.

Nelisa acknowledged Yemi’s persistence in auditioning for the show multiple times and how it all paid off in the end.

She referred to Yemi as the “yin to my yang,” and thanked him for being a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to her.

As Yemi celebrates his birthday and steps into the spotlight, Nelisa reminded him of his worthiness and the beautiful soul he possesses. She believes that Yemi deserves the stage and the platform he has been given, and it is not by chance.

She wrote; “Happy Birthday @kingcregx and thank you for being you and constantly showing up and out for me🥺, and thank God for this day that blessed us with you.

I remember what I wrote in your letter… I talked about time and how it’s never wrong, and that everything has its reasons.

You said you auditioned for this show multiple times but there’s a reason that this was your season and I thank the stars because if not I would have never met you.

Ahhh the yin to my yang, being paired with you made the journey less scary… from being a shoulder to lean on to being an ear to listen to me…

It’s your time to shine Yemi and as you step into the light remember that you’re worthy. What a beautiful soul you have… you deserve this stage and the platform you’ve been given. Because it’s not by chance🙏🏽

I love you Mr. Yemi Cregx, and I’m eternally grateful…I’ve got your back forever❤”.

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