How Rihanna Hid Her Pregnancy With Baggy Outfit During Rehearsals

Rihanna's Pregnancy Announcement During Super Bowl Halftime Show Takes the World by Surprise

How Rihanna Hid Her Pregnancy With Baggy Outfit During Rehearsals

Rihanna surprised the world with her announcement of pregnancy during her Super Bowl halftime performance, and this news was even kept secret from her own backup dancers, who were estimated to be 280 in number.

According to sources, the backup dancers had no knowledge of the pregnancy due to Rihanna’s loose-fitting outfits during rehearsals. It wasn’t until showtime that anyone involved in the production saw her final costume, which seemed to highlight her baby bump.

The singer had taken precautions to keep her pregnancy news under wraps, wearing large and fluffy clothing during public appearances leading up to the Super Bowl.

This was evident in her interview ahead of the performance, where she was seen wearing a big furry jacket, and in her appearance at the Golden Globes in January alongside rapper A$AP Rocky, where she wore loose-fitting clothing and kept her purse in front of her stomach.

It appears that Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement was a well-planned event and she was successful in keeping it a secret until the right moment. The singer’s ability to keep this important news private and make the announcement on her own terms is commendable.

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