Nons Miraj, Ashmusy Mock Nedu Wazobia In New Skit

Nigerian skit makers, Ashmusy and Nons Miraj have recently poked fun at Nedu Wazobia.

Nons Miraj, Ashmusy Mock Nedu Wazobia In New Skit  This comes after Nedu made a revelation about catching the two influencers in a compromising situation with his wealthy friend.

In recent days, Nedu has been making headlines due to his claims of walking in on two celebrities engaging in a threesome with his friend. Nedu had previously mentioned the incident on his podcast but did not reveal the identities of the individuals involved.

In response to Nedu’s comments, Ashmusy and Nons Miraj created a skit poking fun at the situation, depicting the two of them arguing over forgetting to lock the door and Nedu stumbling upon them.

The caption reads, “Me and my friend fighting because we forgot to lock the door and Nedu caught us.”

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